If You See A Purple Butterfly Sticker Near A Newborn, You Need To Know What It Means

Millie and Louis were thrilled to learn they were having twins. Millie’s family had twins before, so having two more babies was exciting.

Their pleasure was short-lived when physicians told them their unborn children had anencephaly, a brain disorder. Unfortunately, most newborns with this disease die soon after delivery.

Millie and Louis lost Skye, one of the twin girls, following an emergency C-section. The loss was painful, but their healthy daughter Callie gave them strength.

Millie and Louis were deeply touched by their experience and realized that well-intentioned but unpleasant statements when parents lose a baby during a multiple birth must be avoided. This led to the purple butterfly project.

Millie and Louis founded the Skye High Foundation to assist families dealing with multiple births. They introduced purple butterfly stickers into NICU units worldwide, providing a silent signal for families experiencing loss.

Although they cannot change Skye’s outcome, their efforts through support groups and initiatives offer solace and support. Millie believes more support groups will make infant loss more bearable, demonstrating resilience and compassion.

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