Man Has DNA Test Done on Son Who ‘Doesn’t Look Like’ Him, Wife Gathers Family upon Receiving Results

There are many methods to address the woman’s delicate situation.

Communication, trust:

Some feel marriage requires trust and communication. The husband’s DNA test without asking his wife was unpleasant, but it could have been an opportunity to explore relationship issues. The spouse suggests honest talk and therapy to solve their issues.

Independence, limit:

Some feel healthy marriages need limits. Refusing to shield his wife from his mother’s intrusions and his unilateral DNA test may have broken those boundaries. Her independence and divorce may protect her and her child.

DNA test viewpoint:

Beyond the DNA test, the relationship and husband’s neglect are issues. The woman’s difficulties may be more about trust erosion and feeling unsupported by her spouse than the DNA test results.

Your values, priorities, and interpersonal dynamics impact how you interpret this situation and what to do. The parties must make decisions that benefit them and their child.

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